Members' Spotlight Series: Brian Plaut

Being in the nation's capital, DCYR is lucky to attract some of the most talented young Republicans in the country -- Brian Plaut is no exception! He's new to DCYR, but certainly not new to town or the party. Vice Chair of Membership Joy Yunji Lee conducted this interview:

JL: Let's get the basic DC questions out of the way. What do you do and where are you from?
BP: Well, in typical DC fashion, I started a new position this cycle. I am beyond lucky to be a member of Team Ryan, the Speaker's Political Office, as the Events Director and Deputy Regional Finance Director. This is my third year in DC after being a born and raised Long Islander; a title I will forever hold dearest to my heart. 

JL: What drew you to DC three years ago?
BP: Right out of college, I came to from New York to take a job at the DC satellite campus of my alma mater, NYU. After a few months, I really had no idea what I was planning to do long term, but I could tell student affairs just wasn't for me. I took an internship at the RNC, and I realized politics is where I needed to end up. After a few months of interning, I was offered a position at the RNC and haven't looked back since then.

JL: What led you to be a Republican in the first place?
BP: Growing up in a red town in New York, I had always leaned toward the Republican ideals and way of governing, but strangely enough it was my time at NYU that solidified my membership in the Party. Being able to interact with people from all over the world, and the political spectrum, I really got to learn what I valued in my government. One class in particular, Argumentation & Debate, really helped me have the tough debates I needed to have to clarify my opinions and it was all thanks to a professor who said no debate was off the table. 

JL: Who are your role model(s) and why?
BP: My father is my role model; he taught me that if I worked hard enough anything could be possible for me. That lesson really stuck with me throughout my life, and is sort of the guiding principle I try to live by. I respect my dad and appreciate all the wisdom that he has, and continues, to impart on me. 

Thank you, Brian, for sharing a little bit about yourself! 

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