DCYRs Announced Candidates for 2018 Executive Board Election

Last Monday, Elections Committee Chair Joy Lee announced the official candidates for this upcoming election, which will be held in the last week of March. 

The official candidates are:

  • Chairman: Lila Nieves-Lee
  • Executive Vice Chair: Maria Giannopoulus
  • National Committeeman: Robert Sinners
  • National Committeewoman: Jennifer Stello
  • Vice Chair of Communications: Martha Ruiz Jiménez
  • Vice Chair of Events: Alisa Maso
  • Vice Chair of Finance: Elaina Bryan-Johnson
  • Vice Chair of Membership:
    • Julia Cohen
    • Mohammad Shouman
    • Riana Studner

Voting will take place using a secret paper ballot. Provisional or absentee voting nor proxies will be permitted.

To be eligible to vote, you must register and comply with the requirements of a Active/Full Member by Sunday, February 25th. An Active/Full Member is a person between the ages of 18 to 40, but not over the age of 40; and be a resident of or work in the District of Columbia.

If you have any questions about this upcoming elections, please contact the Elections Committee Chair Joy Lee at DCJoyLee@gmail.com

DC Young Republicans