Meet DC GOP's National Committeewoman Jill Homan

Jill Homan - DCGOP NCW.jpg

On March 5th, President Donald J. Trump signed the Proclamation titled "Women's History Month, 2018". This month we are recognizing women who have contributed to our conservative movement.

One of those conservative women we would like to recognize is DC Republican Party's National Committeewoman Jill Homan. In 2016, Homan was re-elected in a citywide race. She also serves in the Republican National Committee's Executive Committee, was elected to the eight-member 2020 Republican National Convention Site Selection Committee, and formerly served on the 2016 Convention Site Selection Committee.

DC Young Republicans Vice Chair of Communications Martha Ruiz Jiménez conducted an interview to DCGOP's National Committeewoman Jill Homan.

MRJ: Please tell us a bit about yourself:

JH: I'm originally from Howard County, Maryland and currently live in Petworth with my family, including my 15-month old daughter. Professionally, I am founder and president of Javelin 19 Investments, a commercial real estate investment company focused on the Baltimore-Washington, DC markets.

At Javelin 19, I am responsible for sourcing, underwriting, structuring, and executing commercial real estate investment opportunities primarily in multi-family. And, I run day to day operations for the company. 

MRJ: How did you get involved in Politics?

JH: Shortly after college, I started volunteering in a Maryland Gubernatorial election and became politically active in the Republican Party in Maryland. That led to an opportunity working on Capitol Hill for former Congressman Bob Ehrlich as his press secretary and legislative assistant. After Capitol Hill, I volunteered in several local and national races, then went on to earn a Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Policy degrees from Duke University, with a focus on finance and authoring a thesis on urban revitalization.

MRJ: Since when have you been involved with the DC GOP?

JH: After graduation from Duke University, I returned to Washington, DC and became active in the DC Republican Party and all of our Republican campaigns in DC. I really jumped right in -- hosting fundraisers, going door to door for candidates in DC, helping at phone banks, and organizing ward meetings. That experience led to an opportunity to serve as the DC Republican Party Finance Committee Chair and Executive Committee Member.

I was first elected in 2012 winning a contested citywide race on the Republican ballot. I ran a grassroots campaign with a significant door to door, phone calling, fundraising, and volunteer efforts. That experience gave me a strong understanding of urban Republican voters and ultimately founding CityGOP, a national effort to advocate for greater resources to support urban Republican candidates and urban Republican Parties.

MRJ: What does the National Committeewoman position entails?

JH: The RNC provides general management of the Republican Party. There are 168 members of the RNC, of which there are 3 from every state and territory – committeeman, committeewoman, and chairman.  The Republican National Committeewoman for DC is one of the three members of the RNC who represent DC.  The members of the RNC vote on the annual budget proposal for the National Committee operations and oversee the National Committee’s voter contact efforts, among other things.

MRJ: Why is it important to vote in Washington, DC?

JH: I strongly encourage DC residents to register to vote here and to register as a Republican. Clearly, if you are living here, you are experiencing and interacting with the results of the DC Council’s and DC Mayor’s public policies. If you find yourself complaining about potholes, schools, trash, 10% tax at restaurants, bag tax, long lines at the DMV, rising housing costs, etc., you need to register to vote in DC in order to have a voice and make a difference on these issues. Local issues are the ones that impact you every single day.

As I have been working tirelessly to expand the party in the District of Columbia as the Republican National Committeewoman for DC, I have found a very engaged electorate here in DC and actual opportunities to make a difference as an urban Republican. And, I have seen firsthand how dedicated, smart, and hardworking our DC GOP candidates are. We can use your help. If you would like to get involved in an exciting political campaign and party, we would like to get you engaged!  (Email me or reach out to @DCGOP and

MRJ: Do you have any advice to young republican women to be successful in the world of politics?

JH: I have heard and seen that it often takes asking a woman several times to run for office before she decides to run. We think that we don’t have all the experience we need or are unsure of balancing family obligations. So, it takes multiple people asking a woman to run before she finally agrees. In speaking with women interested in politics, I always say, “Let this be your first ask!”

I think Republican women are in a fantastic position of being in a party that absolutely wants to support and run more women candidates. From the neighborhood to the national levels, I have seen firsthand how the GOP is recruiting and wants to recruit more women to run for office. And, we have the best policies on which to run!