DCYRs celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

From left to right: Puneet Ahluwalia and David Wang.

From left to right: Puneet Ahluwalia and David Wang.

On Monday, May 14, to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the DC Young Republicans (DCYRs) hosted Puneet Ahluwalia, a member of President Trump’s Asian Pacific Advisory Committee, and David Wang, the founder of Chinese Americans for Trump (CAFT).

In addition to his experience advising President Trump, Ahluwalia has also served as 1st Vice Chair of the Fairfax County Republican Party (FCRP) and as a member of the State Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia. Ahluwalia discussed his experience as an ambassador of Indian heritage, culture and faith to the Republican Party, including his belief that the Republican Party can make inroads with the Asian Pacific American community by focusing on the need for a strong national defense. He highlighted the importance of young republicans in the political arena, and applauded the work that the DCYRs have done on the ground. Ahluwalia praised young republicans, like the DCYRs, as “the future of the nation and communities.”

David Wang began his remarks with a play on a famous quote, “Ask not what Trump can do for you, but what you can do for Trump.” Wang founded CAFT in 2015 to organize Chinese American canvassing and fundraising efforts in support of then-candidate Donald Trump. By October 2016, CAFT had over 8,000 members, had knocked over 230,000 doors, donated $1 million to the Trump campaign, and had over 20 million views on Chinese-language media. After accomplishing their goal of electing Donald Trump, CAFT is now working with the Republican National Committee on efforts with special elections and mid-terms around the country.

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