DCYRs June 2018 Meeting Recap

The DC Young Republicans (DCYRs) held their monthly meeting on Monday, June 11th at the Capitol Hill Club. The guest speaker was DC Republican Party (DCGOP) National Committeewoman Jill Homan. Also, Ryan Aston, a founding member of the Restaurant Workers of America (RWA), and Michael Bekesha, DC Council Ward 6 Republican candidate joined the meeting.

Aston and Bekesha addressed our membership about the DC Primary, which will be this Tuesday, June 19th. Aside of the Republican primary, DC will be voting on Initiative Measure No. 77.

The Initiative 77 is aimed to increase the minimum wage in DC to $15 per hour by 2020. This initiative will also be applied to tipped employees so they can receive the same minimum wage directly from their employer as other employees by 2026.

Aston, who is a bartender at The Hamilton, indicated that eliminating the tipped minimum wage would hurt restaurant workers. In light of the upcoming DC primary, Aston encouraged members to vote against Initiative 77.

To vote against this initiative on the upcoming primary, click here to locate your voting center. Also, vote for Bekesha and Stephen Jackson, who's running for DCGOP Ward 6 Chair.

The DCGOP has been advocating against the initiative stating that "is a job killer". To learn more about the negative repercussions of Initiative 77, go to Vote No on 77 and Save Our Tips.

After Aston, DCGOP National Committeewoman Jill Homan talked about what her position in the party entails at the local, state and national level. She also referred to a video uploaded early this month, in which DCGOP Chairman José Cunningham indicated that the party will focus now on DC issues. Finally, she discussed the caregivers' issue that has surfaced after regulations that the DC government wants to impose. To learn more about this issue, read Jill's op-ed published in The Washington Post.

The meeting ended with a special election to fill the vacancies of Vice Chair of Events and Vice Chair of Political Activities. To read more about the special election, click here.

The next meeting has been scheduled for Monday, July 9th at the Capitol Hill Club.