DCYRs held panel about "The Importance of Running in Blue Districts"

WASHINGTON, DC. - On Monday, July 9, 2018, Congressional candidates from the DMV area joined the DCYRs to discuss the importance of running as a Republican in a traditionally Democrat district. The panelists included Jeff Dove, Jr., from Virginia's 11th Congressional District; Liz Matory, from Maryland's 2nd Congressional District; and Thomas Oh, from Virginia's 8th Congressional District. The panel was moderated by Stephanie Zemanek, the newly-elected DCYRs Vice-Chair of Events.

During the discussion, the candidates all shared how their unique backgrounds shaped their views and lead them to join the Republican Party. While they all grew up in the DMV area, Matory and Oh specifically discussed how, as minorities, it was always assumed that they would fall in line with the left and the backlash they faced upon switching to the Republican Party. 

The candidates also had a deep insight into the challenges and the advantages of running as a Republican in a traditionally blue district. They all shared how their opponents often treat the election like a coronation, which means that the Democrats are underestimating the voters and their desire for change. This includes a refusal by the Democrats to debate the Republican candidates, or in Dove's case, to even be in the same room together.

The DCYRs are so grateful to be able to support our own and thank the panelists for taking the time to come speak. If you would like more information, or to volunteer, you can check out the candidates online on their website or social media. Links to all are below:

Jeff Dove, Jr: WebsiteFacebookTwitter

Liz Matory: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram

Thomas Oh: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram